Carbon Dioxide is in an indispensable loop for the living beings in the World. In terms of respiration it is vitally significant. Oxygen comes to the lungs passing through the upper air canals and changes the place with carbon dioxide which was carried to the alveolus by being carried with haemoglobin in alveolus. And then Carbon Dioxide is thrown out in the same way followed by oxygen. The plants get Carbon Dioxide in daytime and give oxygen. They get oxygen and give Carbon Dioxide at night. Carbon Dioxide is a gas which is colourless, odourless, non-poisonous and heavier 1.5 times than air. Carbon Dioxide surplus may cause suffocating effect decreasing oxygen in the air.

Carbon Dioxide is obtained from natural resources (volcanic resources, geothermal resources, etc.) and chimney gas. The quality of Carbon Dioxide obtained from underground resource is higher than the other gas which is produced by the other manufacturing methods.