• To ensure continuity of customer satisfaction by producing appropriate to international standards with the conscious of the gas sector’s hazards on human health and life safety, and adoption of quality management systems.

• To use resources most effectively, to ensure continuity of understanding of "satisfied customer"
by making it the principle in the whole organizational structure

• To be with a understanding of corporate culture which respect for the environment and sense of community.

• To experience team spirit and to make it experienced. To provide team satisfaction.

• To use and manage rapidly developing manufacturing technology and to gain additional values for our industry.

• To use sources of education and information for continuity of our service and development of our system.

• To comply quality management system conditions and to ensure continuous improvement in our quality management system that we established.

To reduce the use of harmful substances in the production stages for ensuring reduction of activities that are harmful to the environment and human health, to follow environment - related laws, to ensure continuous improvement with the support of all employees.

To reduce the accident rate by analyzing the risks for generating a working environment which is the basis of health and safety.To use resources efficiently for health and safety and to provide staff training. To provide continuous improvement in compliance with legal and legislative requirements.